Our Customers

Customers? NO! We don't have Customers. We have Friends!

Because of the quality of services we deliver and the unique nature of what we do, we have earned an impressive place for ourselves in the professional apparel industry. From celebrities to regular people from every walk of life, we have continued to support fashion and custom design in our very own way. Some of our very special clients include musicians, movie studios, models, movie stars, photographers and clothing companies.

Whether you are a celebrity or just a regular person who needs a complete makeover for your favorite pair of jeans, Denim Revival will provide you excellent services!



 Anahit Anny Adamyan and Hilary Swank

 Anahit Anny Adamyan and Ryan Gosling



 Stephen Dorff

Bob Sinclar

 Anton Yelchin

Anahit Anny Adamyan and Garry Winick. Great Director, Great Man, Great Friends.
He always gonna be with us.

 Anahit Anny Adamyan and Stefano Pilaty

 Anahit Anny Adamyan and Zac Efron

 Anahit Anny Adamyan and Scott Caan

Kelly Cole
Kelly Cole Extraordinarium Grand Opening


 Anahit Anny Adamyan, Stivo Bruno & Hayk Adamyan

 Bruce Willis


 Lena Headey

 Lionel Richie